Weight Loss

Sample Goal Log

Date Weekly Goal Specific Time Alternative Options Was this Achieved (Yes/No)
1-1-01 I will eat whole grains at supper meal. I will do this goal Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 1. If I forget on Monday,
    I will start on Tuesday.

2. I will eat a whole grain
    cereal for a bedtime
    snack if I forget at
1-8-01 I will exercise 2 days this week. I will exercise for 10 minutes at each interval. 1. If I forget to exercise
    on Monday, I will start
    again Tuesday.

2. If I forget my sneakers
    at home and I exercise
    in a gym, I will always
    keep an extra pair of
    sneakers in my car.

3. If it is snowing and I
    am unable to get to
    the gym, I will use the
    stairs in my apartment
    as my exercise for 10
No, I could only exercise for 7 minutes at each interval. I will redefine my goal to 7 minutes next week instead of 10 minutes.
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