Weight Loss

Weight Loss Schedule

Week Nutritional Plan Homework
#1 Nutritional assessment and evaluation. A customized meal plan will be provided. Patient or Parent read "Phyto-Fit: Weight Loss for a Healthier Body"
#2 Portion sizes and setting goals. RD will help set weekly goals Complete assignment #1
#3 Hidden sources of fat and behavior modification Complete assignment #2
#4 Cardio & weight-bearing exercise, (aerobic and non-aerobic) Body fat analysis, fluid intake, salt use Complete assignment #3
#5 Recipe modification, hidden sugar, healthy fats and whole grains Complete assignment #4
#6 Dining out, holiday and party eating Complete assignment #5
#7 Rewards for weight loss, supermarket shopping, trying new foods, reading food labels Complete assignment #6
and #7
#8 Relaxation exercises, plateaus and saboteurs. Weight cart provided. Congratulations on your effort. Keep up the hard work.
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